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the animation is out... literally

2008-07-23 23:02:32 by DukeZer0

RTOT did better than I thought it would, but many people (even the ones who liked it) complained about the pacing and how the movie was too slow. In comedy, the most important thing is timing, and if you don't have timing you can ruin even the best jokes. And you know something's wrong when the movie has bad graphics and bad animation and the thing everybody complains is the pacing. That's why I decide to remove the movie from Newgrounds. But don't worry: it's temporary, it's just until I can cut some useless still frames and some others stuff to make it smoother. I realized, even before lauching the movie that it was kinda slow, but didn't tried to fix it because I was in such a hurry to get rid of it, because I was holding the project back for so long. But, after reading 10 reviews (most of them favorable) where, like, six or seven of them mentioned how slow it was, I decided that, if I am doing this, I better do it right. So, wait for a few more days and you will have RTOT again, better, faster and stronger (not to mention funnier) than ever.


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